Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability as the core of our business

Our strategy is anchored in foundational sustainability and environmental, social, governance principles ensuring each element of our operations supports our overarching mission to empower people and  contribute to the thriving of our planet.

Our strategy is anchored on 3 pillars: climate, community and transparency, each with clear long-term  commitments and milestones of how we will achieve them.

Impact commitments are divided into short-term (2025) actions and medium to long-term (up to 2025)  commitments to enable the business to achieve overarching business sustainability objectives while  maintaining and supporting continuous improvement.

Ongoing environmental and social performance review and sustainability strategy update will be carried out every 6 months for the first year and annually thereafter. Strategy reviews will focus on the following 3 areas:

Risk, Resource and Budget Allocation

Analyse operations to optimise for sustainability, evaluate material risks to protect and futureproof the business

Sustainability Growth Opportunities​

Identify market and sector shifts to ensure long-term stakeholder value and trust building exceeding ESG compliance and differentiating our business from market alternatives.

Tech & Innovation​

Prioritize, monitor and adopt new innovative technologies to achieve HVN’s overarching sustainability objectives.

Thought The HVN project we have consciously collaborated with our contributors to ensure we are looking at our environmental impact, as such our space, has been designed to manage factors such as  water, heating, lighting as well as materials used alongside making conscious decisions on suppliers we  work with and creating a new environment of conscious luxury Committed to working towards our  positive luxury accreditation

The HVN is already accredited and certified in

Forest Stewardship Council, FSC, certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. The HVN is complies with FSC guidelines as our packaging and labels are made from sustainably sourced, FSC compliant forests.

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, compliancy refers to a commitment towards only employing cruelty free practices. The HVN meets the requirements for the PETA Beauty with Bunnies programme as our entire product range is vegan (that is, developed without animal products or animal derivatives) and has been developed without any form of animal testing.